Year Round 6 Fridays Day Camp
2015-16             FULL - Accepting Wait List Only

Ages 5-13 (Children Attending Year Round School)  Fridays  8:00am-5:30pm         

5-8 year olds: Train House     8-13 year olds: Southern Pines Recreation Center

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Sept - March  -  Year Round Day Camp 2015-16  Limited Availability CALL before paying
Kindergarten-13 year-olds    8:00am-5:30pm at the Southern Pines Recreation Center and Train House
Games, sports, arts & crafts, trips and innovative activities make school break so much fun!
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Contact Information
Southern Pines Recreation & Parks
The Campbell House
482 E Connecticut Avenue (upstairs)
Southern Pines, NC 28287

Sue Gillis, Program Coordinator
v 910-692-2463      f  910-692-1835

2015-16 Fall Winter Brochure coming soon!
2015 Spring-Summer Brochure

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Lunch & Snack Ideas
Some programs and trips require lunch and snacks. Here are some tasty, healthy and easy options:
           Pack a Healthy Lunch
Sept - April  -  Early Release School Days  2015-16   
Limited Availability CALL before paying
Kindergarten - 12   11:45am - 5:30pm at the Train House (482 E Connecticut)
Bowling & as many fun activities as we can do! Trip fee includes 2 games of bowling and shoe rental.
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September - March  -  Karen's Kids Year Round Creation Camps 2015-16
Ages 7 and above    9:00 am - 3:30 pm at the Train Station Downtown
Painting, Fall Crafts, nature & Yard Art, Holiday Fun, Jewelry, Recycle Art, and Spring Art.
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Nov - April  -  Full Days Off School     2015-16   Limited Availability CALL before paying
Kindergarten-12   8:00am-5:30pm 
at the Train House (482 E Connecticut)
Exciting Full Day Outings - Trips, Parks and Activities! Admission to attractions is included in the trip fee to:
NC Zoo, Moorehead Planetarium, Sky Zone, Greensboro Science Center, Sky Zone and the Museum of Life and Science. For more information: Registration
Nov - April  -  Days Off School 2015-16   Day Creations with Miss Karen
Art and Crafts for Ages 7 and Above    9:00am-3:00pm at the Train Station (Downtown Southern Pines)
Black Cats, Pumpkins, Turkeys, Pilgrims, Flowers, Hearts, Friendship Bracelets, and more.
For more information: Registration
2016 - Jr. Summer Camp Counselor
Ages 14-16 Years Old
Too young to get a real job? Too old to sit around the house watching cartoons? Not interested in cleaning the house or picking up the yard? Get involved in great volunteer opportunity that offers on-the-job training in planning, set up, and clean up of games and activities, helping children in a fun atmosphere, and a chance to work with and under the supervision of great instructors.Call Sue Gillis at the Recreation Office at 910-692-2463 or email Sue Gillis for information: Application.