Town Manager


The Town Manager is appointed by the Town Council for an indefinite term solely on the basis of executive and administrative qualifications. Some responsibilities include:

  • Attending all meetings of the Town Council, with the right to take part in discussions, but without the right to vote
  • Carrying out the policies and laws adopted by the Town Council
  • Conducting the day-to-day business of the Town
  • Enforcing the laws and ordinances of the Town
  • Keeping the Town Council fully advised of the Town's financial conditions and future financial needs
  • Making recommendations to the Town Council as necessary or expedient for the benefit of the public
  • Making reports to the Town Council from time to time regarding the affairs of the Town
  • Making staff appointments
  • Preparing and recommending the annual operating budget to the Town Council for approval
  • Serving as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Town
  • Supervising the work of all Town departments